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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

First 'serious' entries made

 Double lesson today with all in attendance.

We watched a video produced by the South Australian Government's Information Economy Policy Office called "The Internet... it is your business".  An email was forwarded to each student in the class stating the following.

Please ensure that blog entries have the following three components

  1. State the reference or resource. In most cases this will be the URL
  2. Summarise the content of the resource
  3. A statement about how this resource related/impacts on the topic.

The Topic is "Discuss the impact that WWW technology is having on business"

Remember that www <> internet.

Following the video, the class became a little noisy at first but with minor restating/clarifying of the topic and expectations they settled and got to work.

Some students were seated at different computers today and so needed to install feedreader and set up the feeds again.  They seemed to be able to do this without my help.

Internet access was very slow so I stressed the point of writing posts offline and using email to add posts.


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