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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

OPML is a winner

There was a student who came today that was not here yesterday when we had to reinstall Feedreader and learnt about OPML import/export. One of the other students emailed his OPML file to this student. He managed to import the OPML file with the help of another student who also had no previous experience. His feeds were restored in a matter of minutes.

We briefly discussed what our goals for the lesson were. It seemed to take some time for students to settle to task. There was lots of talk about cricket. Not much work happening. I was able to use one of the postings to talk about the structure of postings again. This seems to be well received perhaps because it gave clarity that they needed. Maybe next lesson will be more productive because of this.

Postings need to have a

  • URL or a particular resource being referred to
  • a summary of the resource
  • a statement about how the student sees/relates this resource to the topic (give it meaning)


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