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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Electronic publishing paradigm shift

A Tale of Technology & Two Organizations: CNN vs Education
We still print a lot of material or offload this printing to students-- we do not "think"/"operate" primarily in digital, and much of what we do digital is the digital equivalent of print.


'Electronically Enhanced Conventional Publishing' phase http://www.anu.edu.au/people/Roger.Clarke/EC/Bled97.html particularly caught my attention. My scenario has staff using word processors, DTP and to a lesser extent spreadsheets and databases to enhance paper based (traditional publishing) distribution of information. Photocopiers are used extensively to copy work prepared with a computer. Email is used in a few cases to support collaboration in the document development stages but more commonly the draft is still printed and people contribute by writing on the paper and passing it back.
The following two links are to diagrams that make the point that the traditional methods of publishing uses paper to produce more paper. Digital publishing can involve paper at the output stage but there are other options for digital publishing. It also makes the point that there are more options for getting feedback and using more than just text and images
We have a guideline – staff should try to check their email at least once a week. We are all to check our pigeon holes at least once per day. What does that say?
My pigeon hole has a sign on it.

I try to check my pigeon hole at least once a week.
  • I get so much junk in it and it takes too much time to work out what is junk and what isn't.
  • I get distracted, leave the stuff somewhere and then I can't find it again.
  • When I put it into the bin it is too hard to get out again and I can't back it up.
  • It is too hard to search the pile of papers on my desk and in my drawers, folders and bin.
  • It is too hard to use information from my pigeon hole to produce new information.
  • I can only check it from one place in the school.
  • It's too heavy to put into my school bag and take home to sort out.
  • Responding often requires the use of a pen and I get writers cramp signing my name.
  • Having a full pigeon hole makes me think I am important and I have lots of friends.
  • Paper cuts hurt and as I get older they are taking more and more time to heal.

I am trying to make a point. What I got was two reams of paper stuck into my pigeon hole. Some else is trying to make a point too. :-)


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