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Sunday, December 18, 2005

PHP/MySQL - early success

In 12 months time the SA SACE IT curriculum will change to include a greater emphasis on programming. One of the options is web site server side programming. These holidays will be the time for me to make a start on learning about this.

I have downloaded and installed xampp with the Python and Perl add-ons. Setup and configuration was a snap except that the Apache server would not start until I changed the port that Skype was using from port 80. Since I modified the MySQL login credentials the samples (eg CD’s) did not work until I modified the relevant PHP files using a text editor.

Next was to download and install the freeware tool PHP Designer 2005 . A couple of configuration settings were needed to let PHP Designer know where the PHP interpreter was located as well as the PHP ini file. I am also saving the php experiments into \xampp\xampp\htdocs where the php files that come with xampp are located. This means that my browser can also use these files using the address http://localhost/xampp/filename.php

Finally a great set of tutorials at http://www.tizag.com/mysqlTutorial/mysqlinsert.php that covers mySQL, PHP, HTML and CSS.

I have created a sample database using PHPmyadmin that comes with xampp. I created two tables that could be linked. Then I followed the mySQL tutorial from http://www.tizag.com/mysqlTutorial/mysqlinsert.php but modifying it on the fly to suit the database that I created. This modifying on the fly has been good as I know that I have understood.

The motivation for this posting came from my php script successfully adding three records to one of the tables. Time now to record what I have done.

The thing I want to next is to develop a form to get the data interactively and append it to the table.


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