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Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 - Big Year for Open Source


Large Businesses signing off on Open Source projects. Great and understandable.
87% of companies are using Open Source somewhere. There's a statistic.

In addition to the items that made it to this report for 2005 there was
  • The Becta report . Making strong recommendations for the use of OSS in British schools.
  • In october I recorded a Sydney Age article - Open Source Boom - Here it is reported that Australia has an Open Source export industry in the face of a much larger IT trade deficit.
I hope that the various government strategic directions and chief information officers are taking notes. The support of government agencies could actually make a difference with our trade deficit and contribute to our 'clever country'. Choosing the OSS path will mean some changes in the way things work. No junkets in tropical beach resorts for OSS solutions for starters.


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