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Monday, January 23, 2006

First Page 2006 for PHP/MySQL coding

'First Page 2006' could be a good environment for students to use to compose their PHP scripts .
+ It is free but is not Open Source
- Is not available for OS other than Windows
+ initial impression is that it is easier to use

I have played with it for a very short time and I think it is OK but not really competetive with PHP designer.

It has an add on module so that ftp is handled within First Page BUT it does not seem to handle sftp wich LiveLamp needs. Pity as this could've meant that students would need to have one less window open (ie not need Filezilla available to upload scripts to server for testing) PHP Designer also has an ftp component that does not seem to be capable of sftp

PHP Desginer can be setup to include access to the PHP manual from within the program interface.


  • At 3:20 pm, Anonymous Michael said…

    Hey Wara! Just wondering, do you use PHP Designer when getting learners started with HTML as well? Or do you use Frontpage first,then transition to PHP designer when they start PHP?

    I'm just starting a web group now, and they're atthe point where Notepad is becoming frustrating... we used to use HTML-Kit, but they changed the licensing on us...

    Thanks for any tips (PS: can you email me if you comment? Cheers).

  • At 3:22 pm, Anonymous Michael said…

    eh hmm. Sorry. michael (at) liveandletlearn.net ... cheers

  • At 4:54 pm, Blogger Wara said…

    We have ICT's integrated across the curriculum in our middle school. The tool that we have for the web construction is Frontpage and so I have been continuing to use that for HTML and Javascript learning. I intend to use PHP Designer when we start working with PHP.


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