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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stupid in America

American schools in general do not turn out high school “graduates” with a decent education. They do turn out people with almost belligerent assertiveness, and boundless (though unfounded) self-esteem that makes it difficult for them to perceive that they have anything more to learn. In an individual this is tragic; in a corporation, it’s dangerous; in a nation it’s disastrous........

IMHO schools are a reflection of society. Schools are often blamed for various things but the bottom line is that schools can not do it by themselves. Parents, community and business must support their schools - they must get involved and participate actively and personally. Let schools and students know by their support and participation that what they do and learn is important. Schools must encourage this support and participation.

On the other hand schools can be a powerful force for cultural change.

Seems a little contradicatory when on the one hand I say they can not do it by themselves and on the other they can be a powerful force for change :-)


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