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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Google Story


Following the fortunes of a couple of very bright PhD students at Stanford
who end up running the best known global brand to emerge in a long time, The
Google Story is writer David Vise's introduction to the world of Google – the
empire built on building a better internet search engine. The company with the
founder's mantra 'Don't Do Evil' is now poised to possibly do away with all of
our privacy while delivering us all the knowledge in the whole wide world – at
least the sort of knowledge trappable in some of the greatest libraries in the
world. Cartoonist Gary Trudeau called them the swiss army knife of information

Listen up to the 20 minute mark. Fantastic for senior school IT and provides good information the issues of

  • privacy
  • copyright
  • censorship

Thanks to Mal for finding this for me


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