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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottled Water

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a free, natural commodity.

I suspect schools kids will be into this. We have students supporting the bottled water business in classrooms. It is good for the brain to be well hydrated. Fine - why does it need to be so commercial? Why can't this be done in a way that is more ecologically and economically smart. Besides, much of the bottled water is no better than the free stuff from the tap.

Soon we will have students bring their oxygen bottles to improve their performance in class and exams.
It is believed that a brief blast of pure oxygen allows you flush some of the impurities from your body, clear your mind, and eliminate some of that sluggish feeling that many of us have.
A must have prior to those important lessons and exams.
As far as the “new” canned oxygen product goes, it’s not just plain ol’ pure oxygen. You don’t think that marketers would attempt to sell oxygen in a can without spicing it up and making it a bit more “extreme”. Why breathe flavorless, odorless oxygen; when you can breathe “Mountain Breeze”, or “Mint Escape”.
That will certainly make the difference. If we need fresh air, what about we just open the window and work on making and keeping the air clean . Deal with the issue at its cause rather than these bandaid solutions.

I wonder if kids will use the commercial containers to smuggle nitrous oxide into class. :-)


  • At 8:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Makes me think of :-
    "Selling ice to the Eskimo's"
    "Victims of fashion"


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