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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Will doing this subject improve my future options?

Psychology professor maps choice-making in the brain


Smith's current study focuses on which parts of the brain are used in the decision-making process.

There are deliberative and emotional tradeoffs with decision making. Mapping brain activity during decision making supports this, even when making high risk decisions. It seems that fear centres of the brain are not consulted during this process. So what could these trade offs be?

Will doing this subject improve my future options? (I wonder if students use the deliberative or the more primal emotional sections of the brain to address this question in course counseling)

the deliberative areas of the brain did not show high usage with decisions relating to risky gains”. Could we consider 'future options' as a risky gain? Is it possible that our talk about 'future options' is not engaging the deliberative decision making we had hoped for?

Are girls or boys more likely to comply and do a subject on the basis of keeping future options open?

I enjoyed this subject in year 10 and want to do it in year 11. What were the reasons that the student enjoyed it? Was it the teacher? Was it the subject? Is this predominantly a deliberative or emotional decision being made?


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