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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Free PHP MySQL presentation at CEGSA annual conference

I am presenting a session at the CEGSA annual conference in Adelaide in mid July.

CEGSA state conference

CEGSA = Computer in Education Group of South Australia

The sessions is called

“Free Server Side Programming learning environment”

As the SA Senior School IT curriculum is set to changes as of the start of 2007, there is an opportunity here for involving students in lots of free learning options that allow them to continue their learning unencumbered. This presentation relates to creating a learning environment involving PHP and MySQL and making use of a free LiveLAMP server


I am preparing my presentation using wikispaces

If people would like to contribute to this exercise you would be most welcome. Other experiences with how LiveLAMP has been used would be great. Reasons why a PHP MySQL learning environment are advantageous might also be an area for consideration. If there are points that I should also raise in the presentation please feel free to add them to the topics and create a page.


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