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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Son of Citation Machine


I gave my annual demo of the program called Citation to my year 12 class today. They were suitably impressed with it as a tool for producing their bibliographies. It is installed on every computer in the school.

A couple of students had a question about whether it was free and if they could use it at home. I had to say that we paid dollars for a site license and it would be illegal for that to happen. So we did a bit of a search for an alternative.

The 'Son of Citation Machine' I think is a good alternative. It is web based, free and will easily produce a reference in the appropriate form. So a student would type the reference source into an online form and then the web site will produce that in the correct format which can be copied and pasted into a word processor

The 'Son of Citation Machine' is not quite as good as the program 'Citation' but it is very very workable and certainly well worth the money :-)

There is also an open source program called Jabref that might be worth a look.


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