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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tux is back

Tux is back after undergoing some repairs to it's feet. Tux's feet are vulnerable because of the fact that they are large and joined to the body over such a small area. The material used to make Tux (felt) does not seem to hold a stitch well either. I had tried to make repairs myself some weeks ago and discovered this :-(

My next door neighbour, Kerry, who originally made Tux for me, has used a long needle and stronger thread so that the thread goes through some of the stuffing as well now. Previously the stitching just joined the material.

They certainly seem to be attached well and you can not see the stitching - fantastic.

Huge thanks to Kerry - our class mascot is back stronger than ever. :-)

Tux really has been an asset in class with both boys and girls. Tux has provided lots of counsel to students about their approach to their work that has been received extremely well and warmly. Senior boys have described the role of Tux to their parents at parent-teacher interviews. Tux has been missed while not in class.

Welcome back Tux

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