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Sunday, May 28, 2006


I have been given a domain name and server space as a gift for the next five years by Tony and Sonya who own www.seol.net.au. How awesome is that?

SEOL (South East OnLine) was, to the best of my knowledge, the first rural ISP to operate in South Australia and is still going all of these years later. That's pretty awesome in the face of the monster players around today.

So I have Moodle as my front page at www.watiwara.com with an explanation of the dingo paw, domain name and motto. Joomla has also been added to the website, the use of this is experimental at this stage. I have added and modified themes to both of these with the view of making them look like they belong together - purely becuase it was a challenge. Joomla still needs some configuring and what not to make features like email work.

In time I am thinking about installing Wordpress and Gallery on the site and moving this blog to my domain (said with great pride). However, Plunkers emailed me a link to the Moodle Forum talking about modifing Drupal to use the same login credentials as Moodle(or it was modifiying Moodle to use Drupal's credentials, whatever, the end point is the same). This has some serious advantages when considering creating an eLearning environment.

Mediawiki is still my preference for a standalone wiki to use where I do not want to integrate it into a Moodle course. So maybe mediawiki is the next tool to add.


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