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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Open Source works

The actual aritcle that this blog posting refers to is only available if you are a subscriber to 'The Wall Street Journal'. Bill Gates demands open source

The blog posting basically states that Bill Gates is demanding that AIDS researchers share or open source their results if they're to get access to the Gates Foundation funds.
The Foundation has recognized that one of the forces slowing medical progress is
greed — commercial rivalries, bureaucratic rivalries, personal rivalries.

On Thursday a few Senior Secondary IT Teachers met at the annual CEGSA conference. We had a chat about the notion of working collaboratively on the development of resources for the new senior secondary IT Systems curriculum. We resolved that the core of the development environment should be a wiki and that the host for this wiki should be CEGSA but not limited to CEGSA members. We think that we would also like to have a space on Edna where files could be uploaded to that are only available to teachers. Links could be made to these files from within the wiki to maintain integrity of the resource.

The Bill Gates demands open source article reinforces that this latest move of the South Australian IT Teachers is in the right direction.


  • At 9:43 pm, Anonymous Roland said…

    Fascinating thought .. we are thinking along the same lines at VITTA with http://wiki.vitta.org.au although there is considerable merit in running this up on Edna. What direction do you think that should state subject associations should head in?


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