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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Zoomr - geotagging pictures

I am going to give Zoomr a try. I have a GPS and was thinking that Geocaching might be fun. The hassle of, after finding a location, making up and then publishing the cache sounded like a lot of back and forth. In enjoyed hunting a cache and I found a great place for a cache but I did not want to leave a container anywhere. The cemetary just did not seem to be the place for it. But I was itching to let people know about the burial place for Ronald MacDonald - with all due respect to the family, what a great talking point.

I like the Zoomr feature of being able to view photos near a location. I would really love the Zoomr interface to actually store and display the exact coordinates of a photo, if the user chose. That way I could easily go to a place that I liked and see it in person.

I can see students building up a photo gallery of their environment, field trips, excursions and the like.


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