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Monday, August 28, 2006

Both south but different hemispheres

South Australia - 22 August 2006

"DECS proposes to enter into a three year Microsoft Campus and School Agreement
with Microsoft,"
South Korea - June 21, 2005
The South Korean government is rolling out a homegrown open-source platform to
10,000 schools in the country.

We did this first because of security issues and budgetary concerns.
"The third reason is local support--most applications will be our own developments. If we get the software vendors to do this, where will be the local support? This means local vendors will be given the chance to support their schools."

I would like to find out how the Korean project is evolving. The words used in the Korean story suggests some government initative - "If we get the". That sort of government support would have to strenthen their IT industry one would think. Is it seen as working out well for learning and schools?

Neither report mentions issues like access for students, learning and teaching issues.


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