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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Google releasing package for the office

Google releasing package for the office
Sounds simple and sounds great.
The return of the mainframe at a scale that is so huge. WOW. I am so excited by this on the one hand and on the other extremely concerned. I want free and open education for all and this provides such great potential. The sorts of features that Google are creating provide this access with the only $ costs being a computer capable of running a browser. Bugger all $ costs to the school and education system provided that they can maintain a reliable and suitability sized connection to the rest of the world.
All of this data being hosted on servers somewhere has the potential for abuse. Being able to be indexed by someone whose intentions may be honourable now but....
Then we have the issue of what is seen as appropraite now may not be seen as appropraite in the future. People being judged retrospecticvley using todays values on yesterdays life. This has always happened IMHO, however with the simple access and computing capacity to process vast collections of data this issue becomes magnified.
To my mind this makes the teaching of history soooooooooooooo important and yet it has been in decline in our schools for some years.
What to do?
My worry I guess is compromising 'free'.


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