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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Election time spam.

Election time and we end up with all sorts of spam in our environment. At one end we have these commercially produced eye sores and at the other A4 and A3 home made posters strapped to anything public and vertical. These home made versions tend to have far less negative impact on the surroundings.

So how do these posters support good democratic process? I want to support good democratic process but feel the commercial versions of these posters particularly imposing and a violation of our environment providing nothing in the way of information that helps voters make a good decision. Not even a URL for a website that I can go to find out what they stand for.

I feel particularly violated when these candidates post these things on the poles outside of my home. While they may have council permission they do not have mine necessarily.

In our town the grass foot paths are council land that is maintained by the residents. By and large we do it without complaint because we like it looking nice for everyone. We take responsibility for these areas. mow the grass, clear up rubbish, and the like. The least that these potential politicians could do is ask residents if they would mind if they stuck one of their posters on the pole outside of our homes, in the space that we maintain for our community.

What do you think?

Would you do them the courtesy of requesting its removal or just cut it down?


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