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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Talent and humanism

There were three things that really stood out yesterday. The first one was a website where students from the region could obtain additional resources and assistance. Students could access tutorials and learning resources, undertake quizzes and so on that are made by the education system and teachers. A shared resource. Students can ask questions and teachers and approved parents could answer these questions. These helpers are all volunteers. Students could even write an essay and select from a list of teachers who they would like to assess it and provide feedback. There is a huge volume of learning resources that have been prepared by the education system and are totally free.

The second thing that really stood out was the idea that good questions meant good knowledge and understanding. There is a noticeable effort at providing lots and lots of good questions that teachers can use and adapt to suit local needs.

Finally there was a consistent message across the visits that we made of the mission to have an education system to promote 'talent and humanism'. I have felt nothing but safety and welcoming in my visit here so that humanism is very evident. Everyone has been extremely helpful. An example of the empathy that seems to pervade the place is evident in the sharing of a story by our interpretor.

She was in a taxi that was driving fast in a very heavy traffic jam and made her frightened. She said to the driver "You must hate these traffic jams?" His response was along the lines of wanting to get her to her appointment on time.

The groups observations of our second day.


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