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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Online Image Editors Compared

A great review of online image editors. These are free online tools where you can upload an image and then manipulate that image in various ways. For most people, these tools offer what is needed. No need to install anything on your computer and no need to purchase a product.

For school this means that students can manipulate images at home and at school with no need to install and maintain any software except for their browser and internet connection. It really is a return to terminals and mainframes. This trend also means that we really need to do something about the internet connection bandwidth and slim quotas in schools.

With such a wide variety of tools and the number forever increasing it further reinforces the point that the key teaching needs to be around process not how to use a particular product. I would love it if all students were put into a position where they were required to use a variety of these free tools and so gained lots of experience with transferring skills from one tool to the other. It also puts them in a postion where they are able to conitnue with their learning unencombered.

Leave Photoshop right out of the scene until maybe senior secondary.


  • At 9:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bear in mind that this comparison was done in 2006! Since then, Fauxto.com (free, online, like Photoshop with layers, etc.), and Picnik (online but no layers, and for simpler tasks) have come on the scene.


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