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Monday, August 20, 2007

MELTing away

I've touched down after another great MELT conference (Middle Years Engagement and Learning Team) in Penola this last weekend. Well done to the organising team.

I presented a workshop that was really a presentation on making the best of wikipedia, some free online mind mapping tools and finally using del.icio.us. I forgot to show the video relaing to delicious. Participants were asked on registration what they would like to be the focus and so the above order was resolved from that. Session notes for the presentation are on my wiki.

I would not have documented this here if were not for a couple of events over the last few minutes.

One of the MELT organisers posted a note on the forum about staying in touch and continuing the debate and learning. Very nice, I liked that, but I wondered how successful this ongoing discussion via an online forum was going to be.

I was also cruising TeacherTube and came across the following video.

I thought it would be cool if we were to also encourage conference participants to tag relevant things on del.icio.us, blogger, flickr ..... with 'MELT07' or something like that. Oh crap, then I woke up. A great weekend.

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  • At 9:23 pm, Blogger Graham said…

    Without deliberately being a name dropper, I had a skype conversation with Darren Draper, the creator of that video last July holidays and he told me a funny story related to it. As you can see, with over 250,000 views on both YouTube and TeacherTube, a lot of people have seen this viral video. It took about three months and over 100,000 views before someone finally noticed that Darren has originally misspelt the word "kinesthetic"!
    Glad to see that your conference was such a success - but with people like yourself and Jason Plunkett at the helm, that is no surprise.


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