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Thursday, September 13, 2007


How to Write Remarkably Creative Content
While this post is focussed on writing, creativity is creativity in whatever field and the concepts are transferable. The following quotes connected for me

Inspiration from other sources is what creativity is all about. It seems that many people believe creativity involves pulling a completely brand new idea out of thin air. In truth, creativity is an adaptive process that consists of looking at the same existing thing everyone else is and thinking about it differently.
A uni lecturer left feedback on one of my assignments many years ago that went something like "few of us are able to say truly original things" and then went on to say that i had done this and it was a very good piece of work. This has always tickled me. It was a psychology assignment of some sort and as I was also studying biology. I was able to see some connections between the subject areas and use them in that assignment. I would not see this as original but it was creative.
Look in unlikely places for connections and angles that can enhance your content. If only one aspect of another subject area meets your needs, roll like Michelangelo and get rid of the parts that don’t belong.
Couple this thinking with some of the thoughts of Mark Shuttleworth in his talk for SFD. He made it clear that he looked at the areas of the world that were changing for opportunities and for opportunities to make a difference. These are places where new connections are being made - ie creativity.



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