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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Multi-national software house to blame

Lets put the blame where it belongs. A multi-national software house needs to take responsibility for the unfortunate goof of the Australian Liberal Party election campaign where an 'Islamic' pamphlet flyer was handed out in the seat of Lindsay in the name of the ALP.

The crass wordart 'Ala Akba' at the bottom of the pamphlet is one of the obvious tell tale signs. The authors clearly having no idea of the C.R.A.P. design principles is another clue.

The nameless software company must take responsibility for putting this software within the reach of amateurs and extremists. This is yet another example of where things have gone horribly wrong and it is clear that the act of publishing needs to be left to the experts.

Shame, shame, shame.

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  • At 2:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Labor was the only political party to support the entry to this country of our Grand Mufti reverend Sheik al-Hilaly (sic) and we thank Hon Paul Keating for over-turning the objections of ASIO to allow our Grand Mufti to enter this country.

    This is getting out of control…next will be women (Men disguised) completely covered from toes to head called “ZORRO” or “Ninja Turtles” (carrying explosives under their clothes), following the Islamic extremist views (brainwashed or not is no the question) ready to kill many as they can disregarding being children or any one else (They give a shit anyway)!

    The question is:

    “Is Labour ready to accept the responsibility of any massacre caused by Fundamentalist (extremists) Islamic supporters?” Example – Bali Bombers!

    I came to Australia to live in a “free country” where this sort extremism wouldn’t exist, but now I wonder…..?

    I think and believe that there are too many “GODIE GODIES” $$$$ running this wonderful country, working for their profit and not for justice and fairness!

    Once an Australian writer wrote a Book called “The Clever Australia”…!

  • At 7:37 am, Blogger Wara said…

    Thanks for you thoughts Anonymous. It sounds like you support what these clowns did.

    This post was not a political post but rather highlighting some of the issues around publishing.

    We have lots of people concerned about web 2.0 because of the fact that it is so easy to publish. People generally immediately blame 'myspace' or whatever technology when something happens.

    From an education point of view this story highlights the need for our students to be developing excellent crap filters in both senses of the word/acronym.

    The pamphlet could serve as a great tool to teach CRAP in IPP design classes because there is so much wrong with it. From a design point of view, a great example of what not to do and with an engaging story to boot.

    To add to the drama or story for this we now have a 'Marriage on the Rocks' reported.

    I would hate to be the ones that did this stupid act but this story is good for young people to hear about because it highlights the fact that 'Once you say something you can't unsay it' as well as all of the ethical issues of doing something like this.


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