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Thursday, February 28, 2008

LinkBlip ur Yakkle - chat, VoIP, file and screen sharing

The following Yakkle link makes use of LinkBlip. It sends me an email when someone clicks on it. If that is a problem for you then use the full URL link at the bottom. I am thinking that LinkBlip might be a method that I could use to test the effectiveness of the communication of the resources I share with staff at my school.

Yakkle is a tool that allows you to chat, make VoIP calls, send files and receive, and has a built in screen sharing facility. Its free. I wonder how many people we can simultaneously communicate with or is it 1:1. The FAQ states that it integrates with Google Chat and Jabber. This seems to be worth a look.


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  • At 10:14 pm, Blogger Tony Forster said…

    looks like it supports conference calls http://www.yakkle.com/comparison.html

  • At 10:54 pm, Anonymous ZenViva Guys said…

    Yakkle does support more that 1 to 1, so go ahead and add in a few people to your collaboration session. The interface will show you who's Yakkling with you, who's talking at the moment (a blinking talking icons is displayed next to the users name) and will even show you who's sharing their desktop and which desktop each user is looking at. Let's us know what you think!


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