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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Into 'Flow' but not going with the flow

We recently had a visit by Stewart Von Itzstein, Computer Science lecturer from Uni SA. He talked to the students regarding some myths around the IT industry and options for courses and careers. He then launched into a mini lecture so that students could get a feel of what the learning might be like, the subject, game design.

Very enjoyable but the concept of 'Flow' has stuck in my mind. Game designers want gamers to get into a state of flow. I want students to get into a state of flow. I easily get into a state of flow and find it hard to emerge from it.

Basically flow is where you are totally absorbed in an activity, to a point that outside stimuli is often ignored. It's a fantastic place to be and I'm going to research this a little more and use it as another of my coaching tools along with 'The Shark and the Sponge Story' and 'The Learning Curve Story'.

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