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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to completely kill sharing

The old SSABSA email lists worked but were becoming slow with limited conversations.  There was not much happening but there was a glimmer of action. A little mouth to mouth could bring it back to life.  At the start of 2010 we got the new SACE website and to support sharing they have a clear link to 'Connect'. Good, they were seeing the importance of this sharing and it was right there on the front page. The system however changed from an email list to a forum based service.  With this new service we can get email updates if we know how to make that happen in the forum settings.  I suspect that teachers by and large do not know how to do this.  This means that these teachers would have to actually go to the website, login, go to the forum to see if there had been any action.  We can no longer post via email but instead must log into the SACE website and go to the forum to do this.  It has become too hard and too complicated and what conversations there were are now silent.  It is dead.  It is no more. Deceased. Gone to see its maker. Es ist kaputt.  Fix it dear Henry.

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  • At 6:32 pm, Blogger Cyberspaced Educator said…

    What a blunder by the SACE board. There is a joke over there at Greenhill Rd - perhaps they should start up a new networking site called "sacebook". Their new website is overly technical and difficult to navigate. That you have to log in frustrates most teachers "What is my password again?" and the forum situation is a joke. I have managed to subscribe via email (with difficulty), however most haven't which is bourne out by the number of posts that do come into my email. They need to redesign and relaunch their forums to be email generated.


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