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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is it important to share?

I'm watching the Ewan McIntosh Masterclass "Professional Learning and Productivity".  I couldn't attend and so it is good to be able to download the session.  He is currently creating a blog post using email via Posterous in his presentation.  I've had a posterous account for some time and not really utilised it.  [putting that on the to do list and intending to post this via posterous]. My blogging has dropped off of late because 'I've lacked time' (and he has made an issue of this that has stirred my pot) and he has made the point that this professional sharing is really important in finding ways to improve our practice.  This improvement in practice is the single biggest factor that impacts on student learning.  

So, why is it important to share?  Is it the sharing as such or is it the consequent conversations.  I could lurk around teachers that are sharing and learn a lot, so why share myself?  Isn't that sharing risky for me?  I wonder what motivates the other educational professional sharers?  Sharing is the way that we learn best.

How to share?  I'm back to thinking about blogging more regularly.  Must also think about class blogs.  I'm really interested in ways to bring parents back into the school, like it was 30 odd years ago, this time virtually.  One of the key things here is that leaders need to be doing this and showing by example so Principal blogs are very important.

Making it easy.  I must more use of posterous to make this task easier or just use email to send my blog posts maybe.

Getting others involved.  I'm currently making a presentation for Reidy Park Primary school about online collaboration.  I wanted to say that everyone should have a professional blog.  Ewan has reminded me that I need offer invitations. [makes modification to presentation]

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