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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Education oriented social bookmarking

I wonder what would happen if a social bookmarking site was established specifically for the education sector? What if every browser in schools had an 'add to ed.uca.tion' button? What if teachers could also have that button at home where they probably do most of their research and planning?

Teachers will tag things differently to other people because they are thinking about its application to education and they know the wank words that might be relevant.

It is useful for teachers to be using social bookmarking systems outside of the education sector as well. I would like that button to be versatile so that when I added a bookmark to ed.uca.tion that it also added it to my other social bookmarking sites.

I wonder where I would find a button maker?

This could be a useful facility for the Stephen Downes DLORN (Distributed Learning Object Repository Network) database. Objects would also be tagged. The usefulness of a particular object to one person will be different to another and this would be reflected in the tags that they used.


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