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Thursday, August 23, 2007

We don't want your money!

Got a problem, buy a solution. Simple. Next problem please. See, I'm good at solving problems.

The more important a goal is the more money you pour into it. Right?

How do we teach children to read? We spend time with them and listen to them read. The children that have supportive parents learn quicker and better by and large. So by investing care, interest and enthusiasm, not money, great outcomes are achieved.

Can the same result be achieved by resourcing someone else to do the listening? Well yes, to some extent but you also forfeit your influence in many others areas. Schools are doing this all of the time where parents are not able to provide support to their children.

So how does an industry attract youth to their profession? Advertising? Speak to them? Lecture them? It is really simple and it is based upon the same idea as listening to them read. Not literally but follow the principle - be supportive, invest your time and care, be part of their lives, develop relationships.

That's what I would like to see come out of an IT Student online community

I think it's a win for everyone involved.

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