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Friday, February 22, 2008

Scratch with Year 9 boys

I have a class of year 9 boys doing IT. We decided to have a play with Scratch and are well into it. I asked them to write down three words that best describes their experience with Scratch to date.

The following words were used more than once
Boring 3
Cool 4
Exciting 2
Fun 11
Good way 2
Interesting 7
Learn 3

36 of the words used were positive and 6 were negative.

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  • At 9:44 pm, Blogger Bill Kerr said…

    I'm using scratch this year for year 8 maths, year 8 science, year 10 maths and year 11 computing

    Some good things are the quick and easy start (outstanding in this respect), the versatility (eg. simulate a bunsen burner as a starting science project), that it works with disadvantaged students (with some scaffolding) and that you can build complex projects too, with the more advanced classes (but not as good in this last respect - inability to black box procedures or to transition to textual code)

    Since I am teaching some of these kids for non computing subjects I can report that scratch is one of the more engaging things that we do - along with science pracs :-)

  • At 7:59 pm, Blogger rgesthuizen said…

    It has been fun for my year 10 games programming students and also a good stepping off point to jump them into Python.

    I must admit that I missed the collaboration element built into Scratch that lets them publish and share their games. Very cool :-)

    Last week we had a go at making a version of the popular flash game "Parking Perfection".


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