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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Information Wants to be Liquid

Information Wants to be Liquid

I have this idea that the web with all of its hyperlinks and connections resembles a brain with all of its neurons linked. In this article the idea of pages where all words are linked and maybe a word having many links is quite interesting and extends the anaology of the brain a bit further.

I can't put my finger on it but it feels that this idea strongly supports the notion of connectivism as cited in my previous posting

Is SACSA dead?

Does this set the cat amongst the pigeons and challenge the foundations/usefulness of SACSA and constructivism as the dominant learning theory for educating our students?

It certainly makes the point that the process for acquiring and using information is more important than the knowledge itself. The rate at which information is generated in our world is increasing exponentially. The time frame within which a specific piece of information is useful is decreasing.

Constructivist theory talks primarily about how we make sense of knowledge and internalise it for ourselves. It is talking about long term acquisition of knoweldge. Connectivism is more to do with access and use of information and less to do with retention. Get it, make sense of it, use it and move on - why retain it for any longer that you need it?


Friday, January 21, 2005

And this is my twin brother. :-) OK the truth is it is another photo of me that I 'Gimped'. At school 'Gimping' a photo means that you have used the Gimp's iwarp distort feature on it.Posted by Hello

A slightly distorted picture of me. Testing how Picasa can be used to add pictures to the blog. The picture was distorted using the iwarp distort feature in Gimp Posted by Hello